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1. Please go to registration page and register

2. You should receive an email that application has been received

3.  Payment must be received prior to the event.  When you go to checkout it will give you 3 options.

      a.  Outside ($20)

      b.  Inside    ($25)

      c.  Inside electric  ($30)

You will need to pick 1 of 3. Then you should receive an email about payment received.

If your payment has been returned you haven't been excepted.  (1 DIRECT SALES PER EVENT)

4.  Setup times are from 7:30am to 10:30am day of event

5.  Spaces are approximately 10x10

6.  Vendors must provide own tables, chairs and canopy if applicaple

7. There is NO REFUNDS for any reason.

8.  Any questions you can email us or call 502-802-8308

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