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About Us

Our Mission

Cruzin’ For Cancer is a nonprofit organization that supports cancer research, community outreach programs and raises patient awareness.

Our Values

We Believe:

~ Knowledge can be beneficial in beating cancer­

~ Understanding the right questions to ask can save lives

~ Being aware of the signs can help detect many types of cancer

~ Early detection can increase the chances of survival

~ Community support, whether be monetary, or time donated to help someone suffering from the devastation cancer causes is equally as important as the medical care they will need

~ Through donations for research society wills one day eradicate most forms of cancer



We are dedicated to raising awareness about cancer. We are not only stewards of our bodies but stewards of the community and it is our responsibility to pass along information that will hopefully save a neighbors life.     

Our Vision

Cruzin’ For Cancer hopes to continue to bring cancer support services to our community, cancer specialist to our hospitals, and save many lives through early detection. 



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