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UofL Brown Cancer Center has one goal – To End Cancer

With our pioneering research at the University of Louisville, the UofL Brown Cancer Center gives patients their best chance to beat cancer.

Some of the greatest minds in cancer research are right here in Louisville at the University of Louisville's Brown Cancer Center. With the support of the UofL Health Sciences Center we have fostered the emergence of a leading Cancer Center making critical contributions to clinical care in the region and, through pioneering research, to cancer patients throughout the world. Much of the research that has been performed in our laboratories over the past 15 years includes clinical trials in humans, where new cancer drugs and diagnostics are being tested.

Importantly, we were and continue to be a key center for the global testing of several new drugs that activate your body's own immune system against cancer. These immunotherapies are resulting in prolonged survival of our patients who are participating in clinical trials and, as leaders in the field, we have incorporated their use in all of our cancer-specific multidisciplinary clinics.

Our specialists collaborate with other cancer experts – in different research areas and with the world's leading cancer doctors. Bright students and trainees contribute further to our dynamic research environment. Discoveries are fueled by vast research support and resources. Importantly, tomorrow's medicine is available to our patients first with our research efforts working in parallel to fight cancer through prevention, early diagnosis, effective therapies and scientific breakthroughs.

To find out more about our Cancer Research programs, visit .

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